A Theory on Men and Women

I was talking to one of my work buddies today that let me in on his theory on men and women.

A. All men are stupid
B. All women are crazy
Conclusion: Love happens when the girl is his kind of crazy, and the guy is her kind of stupid.

His Research to Support Theory:
I’ve dated some CRAZY chicks before and I’ve thought, why can’t I find a girl that isn’t crazy??? Then I realized, it’s because they don’t exist!!! Obviously there are varying degrees of craziness and in my exes minds I’m sure I was pretty stupid sometimes. So I thought, maybe if I wasn’t so “stupid” they wouldn’t be so crazy! But, then I decided, there is no correlation, and I will always by a stupid guy in some way. So, the bitter reality is that I’m no longer searching for a girl who isn’t crazy, I’m looking for a girl that is my kind of crazy.

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  1. Chad says:

    Women are implicit, men are explicit. This makes one appear stupid, the other appear crazy, and both hopelessly attracted to each other.

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