An Automotive Christmas

(My First Christmas Tree in my New Home)

The Christmas season is a time for good cheer, however, in my family it means it’s a time for everything to go wrong. Ever since my family and I have moved to Utah we have made it a point to return to our roots during the Christmas Season. Due to work schedules, the family went down at two separate times. Those in the first wave made it all the way to Holden, Utah before breaking down. After being towed back up to where they started, they were able to switch cars and make the arduous journey down to Vegas. Those on the second wave made it all the way to Mona, Utah before breaking down. Did I mention that when the car broke down my dad was on the phone with AAA renewing his membership? That’s right. We literally broke down while we were on the phone with AAA. I’m still waiting to exchange some words with Mr. Irony.

(One of our Mechanics trying to Diagnose the Problem)

After being towed 50 miles to the mechanics those of us in the second wave were able to head down to Vegas only 6 hours behind schedule. The second wave soon realized that the heater in the alternative car being driven down did not work. With the air outside being at a -3° you can imagine the discomfort. Finally when we got to Scipio, Utah I was able to “fix” the heater by purchasing three hot chocolates, three beanies, and one blanket. The car trouble continued throughout the trip with a flat tire (that could only be fixed with purchasing a new tire) and a rock chipping the windshield. Those of us in wave two found the whole situation rather hysterical. It all proved one point—my family is cursed when it comes to automobiles.

(Trying not to get Hypothermia)

I hope you all were able to enjoy this holiday season even if things did not go according to plan.

 Memorable Quotes from the Holidays

“Nothing fazes me anymore.” Brooklyn (After breaking down in Mona, Utah)

“Wait I know you…. I’ve towed you before.” Tow Truck Man

“You can tell mom I fixed the heater.” Brooklyn (3 hot chocolates, 3 beanies, and 1 blanket later)

Faith (Age 8): Mom are you mad right now?
Deanne: No…
Faith: Ok, I bent my glasses.

“The box says it was made in China. Lets call them to see how it works.” Grandpa Chappell (opening Christmas presents)

“Why did I have to get stuck with Mom?” Elese (playing Cranium)

Celeste: To win this Spellbound, choose a teammate who can correctly spell the word below on the first try without writing it down. I’ll read the word to the speller and then start the timer The word is…….
Brooklyn: Celeste doesn’t even know how to say it.
(Word: Gamut)

“Too bad it wasn’t Marilyn Monroe.” Amber (After Brooklyn not being able to guess Clint Eastwood on a Cranium card)

“That’s what you’re scared of? Little kids with lice?” Cody (directed towards Celeste who said she could never be a school teacher)

“I’m not very good at Rock-Paper-Scissors. That is how I got a kid in my class I didn’t want.” Deanne (Kindergarten school teacher)

(Mother-daughter Arm Wrestle)

(Only in Vegas do they have to put Security Sensors on Gum)


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