Finished to “The End”

I went to a Mid-night release party at Barnes and Noble for the release of Stephenie’s conclusion to the Twilight Series in Bella’s perspective. I finished rereading Eclipse while I was there so everything was fresh in my mind. There was a costume contest (no, I didn’t participated just cheered). A rendition of Alice and Edward won (they did a realistic interpretation considering they were mortals trying to portray immortal beauty), A Spit Fire Victoria came in second (she was really vampiric looking- very pretty), and in third was Leah and Jacob in werewolf shape-shifted form.


Once I got my hands on the book (around 1 am) I immediately wished that I had taken the next day off work (thankfully I only had to work 4 hours) or was able to escape sleep as easy as everyone I was reading about. I only got to chapter 6 before I tried to get a couple hours of sleep before I had to head into work. I’m sure everyone at work wanted to kill me… I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wish I was in my illusionist world of Forks. As soon as I was home I was reading again and I didn’t stop until I was finished. I did the same thing with Eclipse… Read through it as fast as I could and then as soon as I finished rereading it over again at a slower pace paying attention to every detail and word (I’m planning on starting Breaking Dawn again on Monday). Although my Saturday consisted solely of me barricading myself in my room completely detaching myself from reality I was completely enthralled and was a bit depressed once I realized that it was over.

Mom’s Shirt= I got my 7 girls hooked on the Twilight Series
My Shirt: TEAM EDWARD Stephenie gave me unrealistic expectations of men…

I have to say Krysta that you totally pulled an Alice regarding Renesmee “Nessie” (I guess I can’t elaborate on that).If you would like to discuss the book feel free to e-mail me as I will not be posting much about the content as I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone that hasn’t had the chance to engulf themselves in the captivating reality of Stephenie’s realistic imagination.

I don’t want a boyfriend…                         I want Edward!
i-dont-want-a-boyfriend.JPG i-want-edward.JPG

I will be waiting for your call Krysta!


  1. Krystaly says:

    *GAH* I can’t wait to read it!! We are doing Poe right now in my lit class and I have a big paper coming up, so I feel obligated to do my homework before I delve into our lovely imaginary love story. Once I finally get my hands on it and actually have the chance to finish it I AM CALLING YOU!

    Love ya

  2. George says:

    Sorry for the randomness and all but this book is the greatest lol. She ended a million times better than other authors end their books. Everything fit into place and all questions were answered. Though I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t and real huge fight scenes or standoffs. But overall mad series ayy 😛
    nyways thats just my opinion and again sorry for the randomness, I couldn’t help my self 😛

  3. Krystaly says:

    Ok. So, you told me I “pulled a Nessie.” And I can’t for the life of me remember what I did… do you? 🙁 I finally read the book! Yey! It was amazing, and I LOVED it!!

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